The commitment of a team
with your peace of mind

What we can offer to your community of owners:

At Gesisur, our legal experts are part of the College of Administrators in Murcia, Almería and Málaga, so the advice we offer to your community of owners will always be factual and highly qualified.

Preventive action against damage and the proper maintenance of a community of owners is essential for the optimization of shared assets. In addition, an adequate conservation policy contributes to the sustainable development of the environmental surrounding in which we live.

Our team is always available to our clients, with a predisposition to provide solutions and meet the requests of the communities of owners we manage, thus fostering a relationship of trust between both parties and ensuring the tranquility and well-being of the neighbors.

Transparency and efficient use of resources is our priority. We attend to any management with complete independence and impartiality, always seeking the interest of the Community. In this sense, our clients value that Gesisur does not accept any benefit other than the payment of the agreed fees.

At Gesisur Administration of Communities we focus our day to day commitment on giving a transparent, decisive and quality service in the management and administration of the communities of owners who entrust us. We manage all resources efficiently, ensuring the tranquility and well-being of the communities and contributing to the sustainable development of the environment.

Our commitment is to defend the interests of your community of owners.

All the services we offer to the communities we manage and administer are born from our willingness to provide solutions, with transparency and impartiality, making efficient use of all resources and always offering quality advice.


A good preventive action on buildings can prevent deterioration or slow their aging. At Gesisur we go one step ahead and promote continuous maintenance and care of the communities we manage. Therefore, we carry out regular control visits, with a minimum frequency of two visits per month, which helps to do an exhaustive report of the state of the community that we send to the Board of Directors and / or to the owners.


Our supplier management is impartial and transparent. When addressing maintenance or improvement works in a community and, after the election by the Board of Directors of the supplier they wish to use, Gesisur carries out a comprehensive planning and control of the development of these works, supervising the result and ensuring that it is what was agreed in the project.


At Gesisur we carry out a complete control of all the administrative and legal aspects involved in the management of a community, from the convening of regular meetings with the board of directors of the communities, to the legalization of the Book of Minutes of the Community, going through the control and processing all of the economic obligations of the community on a periodic and regular basis, as well as others of exceptional character that the community entrusts in Gesisur.


In addition to accounting control and late payment management, quality financial advice can extend the life of a building. The management of subsidies and other public aids can provide the community with funds necessary to carry out actions aimed at facilitating the property to adapt to new regulations of accessibility and energy efficiency.


Our legal department, specialized in Horizontal Property, aims to advise the Board of Directors of the communities of owners on all issues related to the operation of the community or the exercise of their position.
In addition, in the event that the interests of the community are threatened, they will write and present the pertinent writings to the City Council or other public bodies in defense of those interests.

This is only part of what we bring to our customers every day, always committed to providing quality care and trust.