An efficient and reliable
community management

Management and administration of communities of owners in coastal areas of Murcia, Almeria and Malaga.

When you visit your property, especially if it is to enjoy your vacation, the last thing you want to find are breakdowns, non – functioning swimming pool or other facilities, poor elevator service due to improper maintenance, or common areas not looked after. You need to be able to count on someone, who takes care to make sure everything is working correctly at the right time.
The constant supervision, the prevention of breakdowns with the correct care and the management of the community accounts, are jobs that must be carried out with constancy and thoroughness, but homeowners do not have the time to do so. Therefore, it is necessary that your community has the best team to rely this function on and with which you can have total peace of mind that things are being done according to the action plan approved by the committee members of your community.

In Gesisur we have a team of professionals who can manage with agility and diligence all the communities of neighbours who trust us in towns along the entire Mediterranean coastline, from the Costa del Sol to the Levante Murciano.


We provide solutions to communities of owners like yours.