An effective community management to provide solutions that give you peace of mind.

The communities of owners are the most appropriate legal figures to manage the properties or buildings, but they require expert advice and constant attention to guarantee compliance with all the regulations in force in all areas involved in its management. From the constitution of a community of owners to the resolution of unforeseen day-to-day events, it is essential to have a team of professionals committed to proper maintenance and an exhaustive administration, which always defends the interest of the community and seeks the best solutions when problems arise.

GESISUR Administration of Communities bases its work precisely on this: the commitment to quality service and thorough and professional attention in all aspects of the administration of a community of owners.

Professional experts in Administration of Communities

We effectively manage your community of owners, guaranteeing compliance with their fiscal and legal responsibilities, as well as the correct maintenance.

What we can offer to your community of owners:

Professional and objective advice by legal experts registered in the College of Administrators.

The maintenance and optimization of the patrimony of the communities of owners, preventing damage and contributing to the sustainable development of the environmental surroundings in which we live.

A close and accessible service, with the commitment to provide solutions and ensure the tranquility and well-being of the communities we manage.

A transparent and efficient management of resources, with complete independence and impartiality, always looking after the interests of the community. Gesisur does not accept any benefit other than the payment of the agreed fees.

Our clients tell you their experience:

  • Juan Ángel Muñoz Navarrete
    We decided to contract Gesisur for the administration of our community with 345 properties, following the advice of our previous Administrators. We needed to keep control of the services contracted, to make sure they are working properly, as well as  a comprehensive control of income and expenses, in order to achieve a good and precise functioning of everything concerning the day to day running of the Community. With Gesisur, we have the professionalism that all its employees treasure, without exception, they are helpful and attentive. In addition, we feel confident enough to address them in order to communicate and therefore request any type of incident that we may encounter, either on a private basis or on behalf of the community. I would definitely recommend Gesisur for the administration of other communities of owners.
    Juan Ángel Muñoz Navarrete
  • Gregorio Martínez Montalvo
    We contacted Gesisur to manage our community of owners, which has 66 properties. We wasn’t very happy with our old Administrators. We had been given very good references of Gesisur, that is why we decided to change and start working with them. They are friendly and very formal. We are very happy with the change.
    Gregorio Martínez Montalvo
  • Joaquín Nicolás Rodríguez Segura
    We contracted the service of the Administration and Legal Advice of Gesisur for the administration of two communities with a total of 1084 properties to manage. We decided on them because of their solid reputation in the area of Playazo de Vera and their prices are very balanced, according to the market. Their entire team gave us a lot of confidence.  Years after we made the decision, we are still with them. They offer a very personal service, they respond quickly to requests and demonstrate extensive knowledge in this field. In addition, they always give a good service to the owners. I would recommend without a doubt, their services to other communities.
    Joaquín Nicolás Rodríguez Segura

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